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If you have received phone calls from a number with the caller id “FOS Global”, please be advised that this call is not associated with Foundations of Success. We are a legitimate non-profit that does not do any phone solicitation.  Unfortunately, an internet search of that id has led people to our website and the assumption that we are behind the annoying calls.  We are sorry if you have received any of these calls, and we can only suggest that you contact your local carrier to make arrangements to have the phone number blocked.

Whether you are interested in our services, have questions or comments about our website, or want to know more about our work, we would enjoy hearing from you.

General Inquiries and FOS in USA:

Foundations of Success
4109 Maryland Avenue
Bethesda MD 20816

voice: +1-703-764-8572
fax: +1-703-764-0179
email: FOS info
FOS web site:

Copies of FOS governing documents, audited financial statements, and IRS Form 990 are available upon request.

FOS in Europe:

Ilke Tilders
Sumatralaan 20
1217 GR Hilversum
The Netherlands

voice: +31 6 218 409 22

email: FOS Europe

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